Meal Planning

Recently I have suffered from lots of small ailments, basically allergies, skin conditions, tiredness and sluggishness, which together make me feel like utter cack but do not register as worth my GP’s time when I go in and complain about it all. Frustrated with the lack of help from the doctor and also filled with a deep desire to want to feel better and look better, I have been reading more and more about vegan and whole plant-based lifestyles. There have been a couple of blogs/Instagram accounts in particular which I have fallen head over heels in love with and have made the whole prospect of drastically overhauling my diet seem like an exciting opportunity and not something to kick and scream about.

Now, in typical me fashion (remember I’m the tortoise in this race we call life, and not the hare) these changes have been small and gradual. In fact these small and gradual changes are still in their infancy, and this is because I want to ensure that this change sticks around long enough for it to become a life habit and not just a fad diet. I have started by downloading recipes from these sites that seem the most appealing and also going out and purchasing my first ever vegan cookbook , ‘Oh She Glows’.

With printed recipes in hand and the beautiful ‘Oh She Glows’ book, I began writing a meal plan for the week ahead with the aim to incorporate a few plant-based recipes into my week.  Below is a very blurry shot of the finished product….




Now I have actually been doing this over the last few weeks already but this is the first week with mostly vege recipes on my meal planner.

I have found that creating a recipe folder has really helped me with my meal plans and trying out new ideas. I am obsessed with online blogs and Pinterest. There is an endless supply of healthy tips online and recipes, which means that in a way it is easy to try new things and find healthy alternatives to your favourite meals. I periodically print out the recipes which catch my eye and that I would like to try. I then put them all in a big A4 file, which is divided into sections (breakfast, snacks, mains, soups, desserts – the usual divide). Every two weeks I then head to my folder and create a weekly plan based on the meals I most fancy.

However despite looking like I know my shit, I am still a little leaguer in the game of mean planning. Things I need to work on are budgeting better, following through on all meals on my planner (mid-week I tend to run out of cooking from scratch steam and go for easy options), and batch cooking/food prepping. Any tips out there on how to improve?



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