One down… 3 to go!

A lot has happened in the recent weeks and my head has been spinning as a result. In the next few weeks I hope to get back on track and use the extended Christmas break as a time to take stock, organise and re-energise for the following months and year to come.

However I do have one positive update on my financial situation. I finally received my service charge cheque and have paid off my Next credit account. YAY!!! In this next week I will call them to close the account and then I will focus on paying off my Natwest credit card, the balance of which is currently around £1800 approx. I hope to pay this card off by July 2014. I have jacked in the catalogue job as it was proving to be unfruitful and a lot of work for zero return. My aim with additional income is to carry on with the Amazon and Music Magpie clear-out and then apply to be temporary waiting staff for events.

I know some people may say that tackling the smaller debts is an upside down way of looking at things but personally I feel I need the sense of achievement in paying these debts off first to keep me buoyed up and motivated to achieve my financial goals.


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