Not once but twice!

What a day! So there I was going along at work, chatting away and keeping fairly busy when I notice an email pop up on my phone…I’ve been invited for a job interview at BA!! I tried to hide my excitement from my boss who was standing in front of me chatting away. All I could think was OMG!!!!! Then 3 hours later I got another email from Virgin also inviting me for an interview!!

Let me rewind a bit, for the last year or so I have been daydreaming of packing up my office job and getting into something a lot more challenging, dynamic and something that would keep me on my toes. A friend of mine had told me about his job working as a customer service assistant for Emirates at Heathrow and I thought it sounded like a perfect job. I’ve been hunting all the major airlines websites for months looking for the same opportunity to arise and nothing has. After my friend was over on Sunday and we had our big life talk I thought I’d venture online and see what was happening. There right in front of me was the exact job going at British Airways and also at Virgin. I applied for both positions online that night and thought nothing more of it.

Except today I have been invited to interview for both companies!! 🙂 Amazing I hear you scream, and yes I totally agree with you. If ever the Universe was saying to me ‘Take this opportunity’ then surely it is now. But although it is the dream job for me there are some serious aspects I have to ponder and consider.

1. The timing could not be any worse – emotionally with my grandad’s health problems and my own debt problems I am drained. Also I am just about to start a second part time job to help funds! Have I bitten off too much? Also this weekend is the school Christmas Fair, of which I am a member of the organising team, meaning that I won’t have as much time to prep.

2. Can I afford to take this job? Both positions are the same and only part-time. In this time of forever stretched funds can I afford to take a cut? or do I have to play the long game, get my foot in the door and pray that a full-time position becomes available?

3. Will it be practical with my little boy? Working shifts only works if you have a good support team around you, do I have that?

My heart is screaming ‘GO FOR IT’ but my mind is full of worries and questions, what should I do?


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