Just the words I needed to hear today…

Apart from ‘You’ve won the lottery’!

Another inspiring post from Marc & Angel Hack Life Blog, especially loved the following paragraph:

 YOU are the only person who can change YOUR life.

In every situation you have ever been in, positive or negative, the one common thread is you.  It is your responsibility, and yours alone, to recognize that regardless of what has happened up to this point in your life, you are capable of making choices to change your situation, or to change the way you think about it.  Don’t let the opinions of others interfere with this prevailing reality.

What you’re capable of achieving is not a function of what other people think is possible for you.  What you’re capable of achieving depends entirely on what you choose to do with your time and energy.  So stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.  Just keep living your truth.  The only people that will fault you for doing so are those who want you to live a lie.

After having my whole life exposed at work, I find myself constantly sweating and worrying about going into work and what people are saying about me behind my back. This post reminded me that I have a plan, it is my life and outside of my family I need not explain myself to anyone. I am willing the changes in my life to happen more than ever before because I never want to feel like this again or be trapped in this cycle of debt forever.

I mustn’t doubt myself just because others do at times.  I just stay strong, focused and positive.


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