Losing patience and heart..

In September I got the amazing news that I was £1000 in credit on my service charge for my flat! I whopped and jumped and smiled, thanking God for the financial break. I was told that the cheque would be issued in November and ever since I have been eagerly awaiting it and planning how best to use it. I decided that I would use it to pay off one of my smaller debts and finally close it off and then pay a chunk over another card.

However the cheque is yet to show up and as time goes past I feel all my best intentions slipping away. The usual feeling of frustration and despair at my situation creeps over me. I must stay focused. As soon as it arrives, I will kickstart my new financial plan into high gear. I’m just no good at waiting for anything 😦

So in order to keep my focus, I’m going to share with you the first part of my ‘Debt busting plan’. My goals from December 2013 through to December 2014 are to pay off in full and close off 4 out of my 9 credit accounts. The ones I have chosen to tackle first are:

Next store card- £530   £488.32 (updated 10/12/13)

M & S credit card – £2500 £2353.24 (updated 10/12/13)

Natwest credit card – £1900 £1854.83 (updated 10/12/13)

Car loan – £3080

Total = £7776.39

All these figures are approx at the minute but I will enter the correct amounts once I get my December statements. If I manage to achieve my goals and make a serious dent in my debt then the second part of my plan (starting in 2015) should hopefully be a bit easier and allow for a little bit more breathing room.

I just have to remember the end goal and the fact that being debt free and open to opportunities will make me feel 1000% times better than any shoes or useless tat for the house. Positive visualization!!


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