Ok, so that took a while…..

So after months of constant illness, infections and blood tests all coming back normal I find myself wondering if there is a more holistic way of approaching my health. The thought of making myself better through my diet, exercise and generally adopting a healthier approach to life has been occupying my mind more and more. So I thought that maybe instead of just fervently reading other people’s healthy eating and lifestyle bogs in my spare time, maybe I should write one too. One that discusses all the obstacles, revelations and hopefully, fingers crossed the victories that I will face on my journey to a happier, healthier me. I have a strong belief that a healthy body and mind will equal and happier and more balanced me.

So here I am, taking my first bumbling steps into a brand new world of health and well-being but already in typical me fashion, all I see ahead are roadblocks. ‘Hang on’, my inner lazy girl screams, ‘You’re a single, full-time working mum, you’ve got enough on your plate already! Don’t be silly, sit back down on that sofa and eat another biscuit. Relax, don’t add more pressure to yourself. Plus you’re broke, you can’t afford fancy gyms or expensive ingredients. It will never last so why start?’

I realise now that I am my own worst enemy at times, finding excuse after excuse to put off my happier life. I hope that by committing myself on paper (as such) and publicly putting my plans out there that I may stand a chance of reaching my goals. And even if I stumble, fall off, gorge out along the way then at least I will have painted a realistic picture of myself, which in turn may help others not feel so bad when they stumble too. After all, we aren’t all born looking like Brazilian supermodels and that’s OK. As long as we try to be the best that we personally can be then we can hold our heads high!

As a wise Pinner once posted:



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